Purity Chemical Technologies, Inc. was founded upon the belief that all things are possible with The Right Chemistry™. Chemistry that extends beyond superior product formulations, to the partnerships that are formed with customers, suppliers and representatives. Environmental and human safety is paramount in our product development and business operations.

  • Quality

    Purity Chemical Technologies, Inc. manufactures a full line of quality chemical products to help customers maintain clean, sanitary and productive work environments. New technologies are being developed to enhance capabilities and provide customers with The Right Chemistry™ .
  • Innovation

    Research and product development are cornerstones of our operation. Purity Chemical Technologies, Inc. has the capacity and expertise to provide The Right Chemistry™ for any application through custom formulation and product design.
  • Flexiblity

    Purity Chemical Technologies, Inc. continually invests in plant improvements and equipment to meet increasing demand. Long and short production runs can be supported with fill sizes ranging from pouches to totes. Our outstanding customer service will always strive to exceed expectations, and our associates are the key ingredient in our formula for The Right Chemistry™.